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Eye Examinations / Vision Testing

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

At Savage Eye Clinic, we provide thorough eye exams for all ages using the latest technology in vision testing. We will take the time to listen to your needs and explain all of your options as our friendly doctors evaluate different aspects of your vision and eye health.

  • Pediatric Vision Testing Savage Eye Clinic

Pediatric Vision Exams

Annual Eye Exams for infants and young children are as important as annual check-ups with your pediatrician. You may be surprised to know that a child’s first exam should happen around 6 months.

During infancy, a child’s vision is constantly changing. At 6 months, visual acuity sharpens and it is important to know that their eyes are developing normally. Healthy vision is essential to a child’s ability to learn as well as to play sports and other activities.

  • Advanced Diagnostic Procedures Savage Eye Clinic

Advanced Diagnostic Procedures

In some cases, special testing is needed to diagnose or monitor an eye problem that you may be experiencing.

Optical Services and Contacts

  • Optical Services Savage Eye Clinic

Optical Services

You’ll love selecting new eyeglasses in our beautiful, spacious optical department! We have over 600 frames on display, in all the latest designs, including name brand sunglasses. We carry the hottest brand names and fashion designers available anywhere.

  • Contact Lens Services Savage Eye Clinic

Contact Lens Services

Tremendous advancements have been made in contact lens fitting and lens materials in the past few years. The result is that contacts are easier than ever to wear.

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Advanced Optical Laboratory

We combine exceptional human skill and quality workmanship with advanced technology machinery and add in outstanding customer service to come up with our winning formula for the best eyeglass lenses in the twin cities and surrounding areas.

Our onsite optical laboratory allows us to create the most advanced lens designs (such as Essilor brand progressive lenses) in the newest thin and light lens materials available (like polycarbonate or high index plastics). Performing our own lab work Savage Eye Clinic allows us to ensure top quality control and provide fast, reliable service.

Treatments and Consultation

  • Corneal Refractive Therapy Savage Eye Clinic

Corneal Refractive Therapy or Ortho-K

Now you can be free of daytime contact lenses or glasses and enjoy great vision during your daily activities without undergoing surgery! Recent clinical research combined with the latest corneal surface mapping technology, computerized manufacturing and space age oxygen-breathing materials have brought new science to corneal reshaping.

  • Diagnosing and treating ocular diseases Savage Eye Clinic

Treatment of Ocular Diseases

Our optometrists are trained and licensed to diagnose and treat diseases of the eye. We prescribe topical and oral medications for infections, inflammations, pain, dry eyes, glaucoma and allergies.

  • Optometry Services Savage Eye Clinic

LASIK Refractive Consultation & Co-Management

Having LASIK surgery to correct your myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism is a major decision and we specialize in providing you with objective facts and counseling so you can make the right choice. If you decide to proceed, we work with top refractive surgeons in the Twin Cities area to ensure that you have the best procedure possible. We provide the pre-op exam and measurements and the post-op care and treatment.

Emergency Eye Care

Eye Care Professionals Savage Eye Clinic

Emergency Eye Care or Red Eyes

We see eye emergencies every day. Symptoms of emergencies include eye pain, redness, discharge, sudden loss of vision, flashes and floaters, embedded foreign particles or other injuries. If you ever have unusual symptoms like these, just call our office and we will see you the same day. We diagnose and treat eye infections, abrasions, chemical burns, foreign bodies, eyelid lumps, corneal ulcers, glaucoma, cataracts, allergies, inflammatory disease and many other eye problems.

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