Optical Services

We offer great optical products at Savage Eye Clinic, but it’s really about customer service. We have patient-friendly policies and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Come in and experience optical service, as it should be.

Designer Eyeglass Frames

You’ll love selecting new eyeglasses in our beautiful, spacious optical department! We have over 600 frames on display, in all the latest designs, including name brand sunglasses. We carry the hottest brand names and fashion designers available anywhere. Our friendly optical technicians will be happy to answer all of your questions and make sure you have a perfect fit and you looking your best!

Latest in Optical Lens Technology

We are seeing rapid advancements in ophthalmic lens technology, which means better vision, comfort, convenience and protection for you. Here is a simple way to understand your eyeglass lenses:

  • Lens Design

    Your eyeglass lenses will either be single vision (one prescription only) or multifocal (bifocals, trifocals and progressive lenses). Progressive (no line) lenses offer a gradually changing prescription in one seamless lens so that your vision is clear at any distance.

  • Lens Materials

    Eyeglass lenses used to be made of glass and while that is still an option, new age plastics have much more to offer. Today, new plastic materials have been developed to produce extremely scratch resistant lenses that are thinner, safer and lighter weight than glass lenses. These plastic lens materials include CR-39 plastic, high index plastic, polycarbonate and new hybrid materials like Trivex eyeglass lenses. The best lens material for you is based in part on your prescription.

  • Lens Treatments

    There are many surface treatments available for optical lenses that can make your glasses the best ever. Anti-reflective lenses are a very popular choice because they make you see better and look better by reducing glare, and anti-reflective lenses are now better than ever! Many other options are available such as UV protection, anti-scratch coatings and polished edges for optical lenses.

  • Lens Tinting

    We offer many different tint options in optical lenses from no tint at all to dark gray or brown sunglass shades. One of the most exciting tint options is Transitions®, which is the optical lens that darkens and lightens based on available sunlight. This product is now in its seventh generation of technology and it is truly remarkable because it offers visual comfort, convenience of not having to switch glasses and the protection against UV rays for your eyes.

Advanced Vision Testing Savage Eye Clinic

Advanced Optical Laboratory

We combine exceptional human skill and quality workmanship with advanced technology machinery and add in outstanding customer service to come up with our winning formula for the best eyeglass lenses in the twin cities and surrounding areas.

Our onsite optical laboratory allows us to create the most advanced lens designs (such as Essilor brand progressive lenses) in the newest thin and light lens materials available (like polycarbonate or high index plastics). Performing our own lab work Savage Eye Clinic allows us to ensure top quality control and provide fast, reliable service.

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